How to install SO Player on Firestick

In this article, I will show you how to install the SO Player Streaming app on Firestick(Amazon FireTV 4k and Fire Cube). Note: SO Player is an IPTV app to stream media content. Don’t get confused it with those general IPTV services because it does not have contents like live channels, TV shows, and movies. It is just a media player that serve as media content library to the end users. It works similarly like Nora Go. Although there are providers that will not work on Nora Go or vice versa. Don’t have codes yet? The button below will direct you to SO Player Code Portal to generate your own code.


We will be sideloading the app. Which means it’s not coming from their official site. Radneyvous does NOT verify the legality or security of any app covered on this Website.

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2: Select My Fire TV
on some Fire TV, it may show Device
3: Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources and hit the Home button on your remote
4: While in the homescreen, go to Search and type in downloader
5: Choose this App
Step 6: And Download
after you download the app, open it
7: Right after you open the app, go to Settings Tab and put a ✔ on Enable Javascript

8: Then jump to Browser Tab and in the URL, type this in:

then click Go to download
Step 9: Wait for the download process to finish

Step 10: Choose Install


Note: if it’s not installing the app, here’s the fix: Click here

Step 11: Once installation is complete, choose Open


You need codes to activate the app. Hit the button below and get your own codes for FREE. Proceed to the next step below if you already have codes.

They will send your codes on your registed email straight to your INBOX. Sometimes, it maybe on your SPAM or JUNK folder.

Show sample email looks like
Pay attention to encircled codes. Those are the info you need to activate the app depending on your device

Info above do NOT exist. And are different from what you will receive.

Step 1: This is how the app will look like the very first time you open it(see picture below). Go to PIN CODE.

Step 2: Type in one of the DEVICE LINK CODES and hit Next.

Note: Didn’t receive your codes? check your spam folder or junk)

Step 3: Lastly, type in the Provider ID

Important Note: You’re done. Since this is a free trial, if you want to continue your subscription be sure to renew your free trial subscription before it expires so you don’t have to re-type codes and refresh your device.

Note: This is the default background wallpaper. You might get a different background depending on what service provider you subscribe to. This includes channel line up and other features/contents.



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